Collection: Ready-to-Go bracelet~hair tie sets

Perfect for work, weekends, happy hour, date nights, and everything in between, Olive Lou bracelet hair ties are as versatile as you are, with inspiring inscriptions to match every mood. 

Sleek, chic, and sophisticated, these fashionable hair tie bracelets are ready to pull double duty  as jewelry or a hair tie for day or night. When you’re done tossing your tresses, throw your hair back in a pony so you can hit the dance floor, the gym, or even just the couch!

Need extra inspiration on a bad day? Check out the motivational “you are enough” hair band in the “I love you for who you are” bracelet hair ties collection, or the calming “just breathe” hair band in the “Note to self” bracelet hair ties collection.

We truly believe that words of encouragement have the unique power to turn someone’s day around in an instant. Our “Always remember you are loved” and “You inspire me” bracelet hair tie collections are specially designed to remind others in your life just how much they mean to you. With every glance at these inspirational bracelet hair ties, your loved ones will know they always hold a special place in your heart.

Each bracelet hair tie collection features three inspirational hair bands that will build up your confidence and boost up your ponytail! Worn separately, together, or with other jewelry, Olive Lou’s comfortable and elegant jewelry hair ties are the perfect accessory for every occasion. These bracelet hair ties are the “little black dress” of hair jewelry, and every girl needs one (or twenty!) in her closet.

With one of Olive Lou’s comfortable elastic hair tie bracelets around your wrist, you’ll be ready for anything the day brings. We have the best bracelet hair tie collections to remind you to keep showing up, keep believing in yourself, and keep smiling like the goddess you are. 

Confidence looks good on you!