Always remember you are loved

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Her day starts out like most typical days, which includes grabbing a hair tie (aka hair band, ponytail holder or scrunchie). Nine times out of ten, that hair tie will stay on her wrist but just in case, she's got a back up plan.

There will be those days when she doubts herself, or needs some reminders of who she is. On those particular days, when she needs to hear from you the most, she glances down to her wrist and reads her bracelet hair tie "to the moon and back". She smiles to herself and knows that you are right beside her. She knows she is loved. ❤️

The "Always remember you are loved" bracelet~hair tie collection includes 3 black elastic hair ties engraved on a silver or gold toned bar.

  • i love you (silver bar)
  • to the moon and back (gold bar)
  • love you more (silver bar)

This was the inspiration for Olive Lou's mission. All proceeds from this bracelet ` hair tie collection will be donated to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration. To learn more about AFTD, please visit