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Pickleball Social Club

Pickleball Social Club

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Patti Doscher
Love It!

Gave as a gift and she loved it - I've already seen her wearing one of them!


Elevate Your Pickleball Game with Our Court-Ready Bracelet Hair Tie Collection!

For those who rule the court and know how to have a smashing good time, we've got the perfect accessory for you. Introducing our collection of 3 black elastic bracelet hair ties that effortlessly combine style and functionality, making sure you're always on-point whether you're dominating the pickleball game or simply enjoying some socializing.

Collection Highlights:

  1. "Queen of the Court": Wear this hair tie with pride and claim your rightful place as the monarch of the pickleball court. Let everyone know who rules with your skill and finesse.

  2. "Stay Out of the Kitchen (On the Court and at Home)": A clever nod to both your prowess on the court and your wit off it. This hair tie is a reminder that you're not only acing the game but also life's challenges with a sense of humor.

  3. "Good Vibes Only": Bring positivity and energy to every match you play. This hair tie is a testament to your sportsmanship and the radiance you bring to the court.

Crafted for both performance and style, our bracelet hair ties are designed to ensure your hair stays in place and your outfit stays on point, no matter how intense the game gets. Wear them in your hair for that secure grip or flaunt them on your wrist as a fashion-forward statement.

Gear up for some happy dinking and make a statement on and off the court with our Bracelet Hair Tie Collection. Get ready to serve up style, confidence, and a whole lot of fun while you conquer the pickleball scene.


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